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about Lance

Lance Callahan is one of the most experienced and dedicated personal trainers in Los Angeles. He prides himself on his ability to integrate the physical needs and personality of the client–as well as his own creativity–to give the client not only a great workout with lasting results, but also a positive overall experience that has a ripple effect into every area of the client's life.

During college, Lance ha
d a hunch that he might like to share his love of strength training with others. So in 1998, he gave his first personal training session at a corporate "big chain" gym, where he was paid next to nothing to show new members their way around the gym.

After graduating in 2001, Lance got hired by another chain gym and really got his feet wet by working with folks of all body types, backgrounds and ages. Despite his unwillingness to use cheesy sales techniques to hoo
k in new clients, he went on to become one of the highest grossing trainers that gym had ever seen.

During that period, Lance began to understand how to create permanent changes in people's bodies and that the best way to market his services was to give clients tangible results they could see and feel.

In 2003, dissatisfied by the restrictions of working for a corporate gym, Lance went independent and continued to explore the powerful role a good personal trainer could have in people's lives.

Since 2007, Lance has trained the bulk of his clients at Body Builders Gym, where he has improved the lives of many dedicated Silver Lake, Los Feliz & Echo park residents. Other clients have commuted from the westside, the valley, and beyond to train with him, which is a testimony to the quality of his work. His clients range from teens to seniors, from overweight to athletes, from students to CEOs, and (of course) a few celebrities as well.

Lance also has his own fully-equipped private studio, where he works with a select group of clients who prefer a more private setting to the gym.

Lance holds a bachelor's degree in English from UCLA. He is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and has recently acquired additional certifications in fitness nutrition and life coaching. He is also pursuing certifications in kettlebell training and yoga to even better serve his clients. In his free time, he likes to pump iron, sing classical music, enjoy fine food and wine, listen to public radio, tap dance, practice his Spanish & hang out with his dog, a Black Mouth Cur rescue named Joey. 
Lance Callahan
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist
LCIOC Certified Life Coach