Just be you. Only stronger!
personal training
@ private studio

Train 1-on-1 with Lance
at his own private studio! Conveniently located in the heart of Silver Lake (near Gelson's and Trader Joe's), parking is quick and easy. It's fully-equipped with the finest commercial gym equipment available today and all the tools Lance needs to give you a workout that will transform both body and mind. In this zen and peaceful environment, you can opt to listen to the music of your choice or even work out with no music at all. And if you so desire, you may get a chance to pet the amazing Joey!


"First Session"*:

 single session:

1 session per week:
$100 per session**

2 sessions per week:
$95 per session**

3 or more sessions per week:
$90 per session**


 Ask about Lance's couples discount and referral program

*This session is comprised of 5-10 minutes of paperwork and a basic full-body workout intended to "break-in" the client and allow the trainer to get to know the client's strengths and weaknesses. After this session, the workouts may become more intense.

**Discounted sessions must be paid for in 4-week packages.
Please contact Lance for details.

Lance Callahan
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist
LCIOC Certified Life Coach